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What in the World!?!

posted May 27, 2012, 10:22 AM by Janice Harmond   [ updated Aug 27, 2016, 8:54 AM ]
Hi, fellow bloggers and blog followers. Let me tell you a bit about myself first. I am a tax and small business consultant. I am self employed and have been since 1999. Right now, I am doing something I very rarely do. I am at a local laundromat.  As I sat here, thinking of what to talk about, I watched and smiled as my feet, leg and laundry cart were assaulted by the kids here with mom, dad, grandparent or whomever. On comes my light bulb! I realize that the primary reason for our country’s economic woes is, are you ready? People are not and have never, for the large majority of the US population, been ‘taught’ about money and the responsibility that comes with it!

How did this mess get so out of hand?!

Here is my concern. If the grandparents were not taught, if the parents are not taught and the children (who are the future of this country) are not taught, what in the world can we possibly expect for our future!?!

In school, children are taught how to read, write, do math (including count money), make bombs, dissect small animals, run for student council president and know north south east and west. However, when a child gets his or her very first paycheck, do they know that they too should have a budget? Are they saving for their futures? Here’s one, do their pay envelopes have instructions?

Here is what I propose. Let’s make a committment to change this downward spiral in our communities!


Stay tuned as we figure this out together!

Ideas, suggestions, contacts? Email me at:  jharmond@barmondenterprises.com